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World Day of Migrants and Refugees and the Red Cross

World Day of Migrants and Refugees

The World Day of Migrants and Refugees will be celebrated on Sunday 29 September 2019. The theme of this 105th edition will be “It is not just about migrants”.

The Church has been celebrating the World Day of Migrants and Refugees since 1914. It is always an occasion to express concern for many different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for the challenges and increase awareness about the opportunities that migration offers.

For 2019, Pope Francis has chosen the theme “It is not just about migrants” to highlight that his frequent appeals for migrants, refugees, displaced and trafficked people should be understood as integral to his deep concern for all the inhabitants of today’s existential peripheries. The hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and the prisoner who knock on our door today are Jesus Himself, asking to be encountered and supported.

The Holy Father said: “It is really [Jesus], even though our eyes struggle to recognise Him; with torn clothes, dirty feet, a deformed face, a wounded body, unable to speak our language.”

Here at St Mark's Year 6 worked with the Red Cross every year closely on a variety of issues that may affect some of our children.

Melanie  Wallace  came in during Refugee Week in June to work with our Year 6 children and recently again (September 2019) to work with our current Year 6 Children.


In the sessions the children Using the theme of ‘You, me and those who came before’, this year’s Refugee Week considers the generations of refugees throughout history who have had to start new lives elsewhere. With these activities, learners will gain understanding of the reasons why people may leave their homes, and that although the historical contexts will be different, the reasons can be similar. 

Activities are suitable for primary and secondary learners, with differentiated activities where needed. A range of video source material will engage learners with case studies of young refugees, and learners will engage with the topic through discussion, creative and role-play activities. 

Learning objectives


  • Increase their empathy and understanding of the reasons why people migrate

  • Consider some of the ways in which refugees build their resilience and cope with the challenges of forced migration
  • Feel comfortable expressing and discussing their thoughts and ideas
  • Discuss ways in which they can welcome and show kindness towards refugees.