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Attendance and illness

Attendance and Punctuality

As a school, we want:
  • Our pupils to be in school and learning every day
  • Our whole school attendance percentage to be at least 97%
  • To be given a reason for any pupil absence
  • Families to take holidays within the school holiday periods
  • Unauthorised absence to be minimal
  • Our children to arrive on time for school.
Why is attendance important?
Your child’s education is very important. Regular school attendance will help them fulfil their potential and ensure they have a brighter future. Going to school every day will help your child learn, develop and achieve. It will build confidence, friendship and ambition. The more your child is in school the more likely they are to succeed at exams and at life.
We understand that there will be days when your child is too ill to attend school and we ask that if your child is unwell that you try to telephone the school before 9.15am on the first morning of absence. We operate a 'Safe child policy': if a child is absent and we have not been notified, we will contact you by text or telephone
If your child is ill, please contact the School Office on 0191 2869349 as soon as you can, on their first day of illness.  You must contact school each day that your child is absent to inform us of the reason.
Please find below a useful link on infectious and communicable illnesses and an NHS booklet on Child Health.

The Importance of Punctuality

School starts at 8:45 am and it is an expectation that all pupils are in school ready to start lessons at that time. A late start to the day can lead to loss of confidence and low self-esteem.  It also causes disruption to the education of the other children in that class. Children come straight into school once the doors open at 8:40 am; activities and morning board work are set up for all pupils to participate in. There are always staff on duty at the doors to take any messages.

If a pupil arrives at 9 am (15 minutes late) each day, this equates to 10 days of lost learning over the school year !