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Boys Uniform:

  • White shirt/polo shirt– short or  long sleeved.
  • Brown long sleeved sweatshirt.
  • Grey trousers (shorts in summer optional).
  • Black or brown shoes


Girls Uniform:

  • White shirt /polo shirt– short or long sleeved.
  • Brown long sleeved sweatshirt.
  • Grey skirt/pinafore (brown cardigan & white/yellow checked dress in summer optional).
  • Grey school trousers
  • Black or brown shoes. Sensible heels.



Yellow polo shirt   -   Navy skirt / shorts.  



Watches are the only items of jewellery which may be worn at school and these must be removed during P.E. and swimming lessons. 


Reasons:  Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc can turn a minor incident into a major accident if caught on apparatus or entangled in another child’s clothing or hair.  Even stud earrings have the potential to cause severe tears to the wearer’s ears or injury to others. Our feeder high schools do not allow pupils to wear jewellery of any kind.



Uniforms can be purchased at ‘Tots to Teams’ Kingston Park