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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

Social, Emotional and Mental Health



St Mark's promotes the health and well-being of all our pupils in school. We fully understand the role we have to help children to succeed and support them to be resilient and mentally healthy. We are aware that children can experience a range of events both happy and sad throughout their time at school. Staff at school are sensitive and skilled at working with children who may have experienced loss or separation, life changes such as moving house, a birth of a sibling and events of a traumatic nature.  


'Almost 1 in 3 Childline counselling sessions related to mental health issues last year.' NSPCC


We have a range of support that children and families can access.   We aim to work closely with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure we provide timely interventions to meet mental health needs.


 If you have a concern please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.   Alternatively you might like to read the information pages or speak to our PSA- Mrs Slack.


Mental Health Condition, Social Difficulties, Emotional Difficulties

  • We support children who are presenting with gaps in their social and emotional development.
  • We create behaviour management plans where necessary, to ensure children can access the curriculum and all children remain safe.
  • We complete risk assessments and then take action to ensure the safety and inclusion of all children, whenever possible, in all activities
  • We provide one to one counselling sessions for vulnerable children.
  • We put in place short term support for a child with a specific emotional need, for example, bereavement.
  • We run 1-1 and small group sessions with a focus on social skills.
  • We seek the expert advice and support of outside agencies, including the School Health Advisor and the Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS); Kalmer Counselling

(Link: Anti-Bullying /Behaviour Policy)