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Faith Friends -Childrens Chaplincy


Chaplaincy is understood as the way help and encouragement is offered to staff and pupils as they try to fulfil their respective roles within the school community.  We recognise and appreciate the role played by staff, parents, priests, governors and pupils as we try to fulfil our aim of being “Everyone is precious to God.”


Our Faith Friends team , which has just begun this academic year, exists to foster the Christ-centred Catholic ethos of the school.  Through a variety of liturgical and spiritual opportunities, we support and encourage all pupils and staff in their faith journey.Our young chaplains support and lead other children in developing their faith through lunch time clubs and assemblies


The welfare of staff and pupils is given high priority by the leadership. However, through the pastoral care exhibited towards the needs of the pupils, all members of staff within the school contribute to a whole school approach to Chaplaincy. Children in each class are encouraged to lead in prayers and  Liturgies.


The Faith Friends team, comprises of  Year 5 and Year 6 children who lead, with guidance, lunchtime sessions in the school Prayer room, based around the teachings of the Bible and prayer.  They provide a voice to the school chaplaincy team and work closely with school leaders. The Faith Friends aim to enhance the prayer life and spirituality of the school through their input and example

'When I go to Faith Friends meetings it helps me to help the younger children learn about God.'

'Faith Friends makes me feel more holy and kind.  It helps me to know Jesus better.'

'We all help out-setting up assemblies in the hall.'

'We pray at every meeting, we sometimes pray the rosary and we have done assemblies too.’

'Faith Friends helps me bring others closer to God.'