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Anti- Bullying


St Mark's provides a secure, caring, Christian community where everyone can learn their own self-worth in an atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect and co-operation.  We intend the school to be a happy and enjoyable place to work, which will provide the opportunity for every child and adult to fulfil their potential in an attractive, well resourced and stimulating environment.  We will encourage children to become confident, independent learners who are able to contribute positively to the school and the community in which they live so they can take their full place in society secure as individuals, whilst able to respect the needs and values of others.

In line with this statement:

  • All bullying, of any sort, is therefore unacceptable.
  • Pupils who experience bullying will be supported.
  • We recognise the effects that bullying can have on pupils’ feelings of worth and on their school work, and the school community will actively promote an anti-bullying environment.


  • To express our belief that all pupils should be included fully in the life of the school.
  • To provide a learning environment free from any threat or fear, which is conducive to the achievement of individual aspirations.
  • To reduce and to eradicate, wherever possible, instances in which pupils are made to feel frightened, excluded or unhappy.
  • To reduce and to eradicate, wherever possible, instances in which pupils are subject to any form of bullying.
  • To respond effectively to all instances of bullying that are reported to us.
  • To establish a means of dealing with bullying, and of providing support to pupils who have been bullied.
  • To provide support for pupils who are accused of bullying, who may be experiencing problems of their own.
  • To ensure that all pupils and staff are aware of the policy and that they fulfil their obligations to it.
  • To meet any legal obligations which rest with the school.

Every year we take part in Anti-bullying week, which culminates in a presentation and sharing of the children's work.

Charlotte’s Top Tips

Charlotte has been busy thinking about top tips to stop bullying from happening. These are Charlotte’s top tips:


It doesn’t matter what your colour hair or your skin colour is;

how you walk; how you talk… my point is we are all different and

that is what makes us special and unique.


       Whether you are a boy or a girl, or small or big, if you are getting

bullied; come and tell us.


If you don’t feel like talking to us about your bullying

tell your parents or call Child line. Child line is the best place

to announce all your worries. It doesn’t cost anything and if you

don’t want your parents to know, don’t worry after you have called

it doesn’t show and when you discuss your worry, the person who

is talking to you would not tell anyone unless it’s very important and

they have to contact your parents or the police.


Only hang out with people who make you feel good about yourself.

If someone is hurting your feelings or constantly hitting you then ignore

them and move on. It’s not by force to be around them or to play with them;

there are many kids who would be glad for you to play with them and they

could make a change to your life and your behaviour.