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Music is a strength at St Mark’s and we are lucky to have an experienced specialist music teacher as our coordinator, Mr Potter

 In Key Stage 1 children learn to use percussion instruments and play the ocarina. They compose and perform together and listen to many different styles of music

In Key Stage 2 children learn to play the ukulele. In years 3 and 4 they learn about chords and rhythm. This continues in year 5 and 6 with I Pad music;learning how to read music from conventional notation and tablature.

There is an opportunity to learn to play the guitar(years 3-6), with Mr Pattinson, who visits each week.  Please contact the school office if you would like more information.

KS1 and KS2 have a singing assembly each week and there is also a school choir for children in years 3-6 .

Our choir sing in an annual festival , Angel's of the North, at the Sage in Gateshead.

EXCITING NEWS..... We will soon be working with the National Opera House on an exciting project .........details to follow

 Angels of the North Sing at Sage Gateshead
Every Thursday night Mr Potter and Mr Forster run an after school choir.
" We get to learn songs from musicals; songs from the charts and songs that our parents know!"-Dominic
"I can't wait to sing at the Sage again, for Angels of the North !" -Oliver
" I love choir !" -Archie
"I love to sing and perform!" - Amelia
Angels of the North concert is at the Sage on 9th July at 6.30 pm